Ravioli with Charred Tomatoes, Corn and Basil

Menu planning is integral in keeping our daily lives (and my sanity) running smoothly. When I work long days, fight just under an hour of rush hour traffic and finally get home and into the kitchen, the last thing I want is to have to start figuring out what to make for dinner. That needs to be already decided. Well, last Monday, a couple of hiccups in the usual system meant that my planned meal wasn’t a possibility. I had little brain power left and started just throwing together whatever sounded good. By some stroke of luck, we ended up with a new favorite meal that takes minimal time and minimal effort. It is a weeknight wonder for sure, and the kids go crazy for it! I knew that I needed to remake it right away so I could share it here with all of you.

Let’s break it down. Basically you char some corn and cherry tomatoes under the broiler while the ravioli is cooking. Once the pasta is cooked and drained, the whole mess is tossed together back in the warm pan along with a paprika garlic compound butter and finished off with a generous dose of fresh basil. This is one of the best happy accidents since Caroline! (Totally kidding – she was planned.) Seriously though, this is a fantastically simple meal that highlights many of summer’s best flavors all in one place. What more could you really want on a hectic Monday evening?

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