Salted Caramel Apple Pie

I hope everyone survived Halloween on a Monday. I think I’m still recovering! Now that it’s behind us, we can look forward to Thanksgiving. Those who know me and know my back story know exactly why I absolutely do not look forward to Thanksgiving, and yet, somehow this year I am. My darling Josie and her family will be visiting and instead of my standard (wanting to stay in bed under the covers until the day has passed), I am counting down the days in a good way. We’re beginning to plan our menu as I know many of you are as well, which brings me to the topic at hand – apple pie.

In the past though I have always enjoyed it overall, I haven’t had very strong feelings about specific apple pie recipes. I have tried many. All have been similar, all have been good. Apple pie is apple pie is apple pie, or so I thought. However, that just didn’t sit well with me. I felt that there had to be some way to level up my apple pie game. In the past, I have seen and heard of many versions of caramel apple pie and while I do love caramel apples, they seemed too much. I worried the apples would be overpowered by the presence of the caramel when they should really be the focus, or that the pie would be toothache-ingly sweet. Not so with this version. It has so much going for it. A nice dark homemade caramel sauce paired with a sprinkle of coarse salt is just the thing to enhance the flavor of the apples without taking center stage. To me, this still tasted like classic apple pie but also WAY BETTER. Yeah, we leveled up.


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