Shrimp and Veggie Stir Fry with Toasted Coconut Rice

Shrimp and Veggie Stir Fry with Toasted Coconut Rice

Oh friends, how I am missing you all! I hate that I have been so out of touch lately and for those missing my updates, I apologize! Things have been exceptionally busy at work and in life but the truth is, every day I am terribly overwhelmed by the sheer volume and magnitude of terrible headlines. At times like these, sharing recipes seems so pointless when so many more important things are going on around us. But alas, we still must eat. We need nourishment to gather our strength so we can regroup and keep fighting the good fight.

Being so maxed out, I’ve been especially drawn to simple and quick meals, and many evenings have been cooking on the fly with no recipe at all. The first time I made this dish was a few weeks ago on one such hectic and tiring day, conceived of solely due to what we had on hand which was a whole lot of veggies and an inexplicable quantity of coconut milk in the pantry. What resulted was an instant family favorite, one that had the kids making nonstop yummy noises (a la Phoebe Buffay) throughout the meal. I’ve made it a few times since, tweaking the recipe slightly each time, until it was ready for you.  I hope you love it as much as we do!

I have so many posts to share with you soon, provided I maintain some available mental energy. I still need to finish posts about our Cali trip last summer (yikes!), I have an excellent Things I’m Loving ready to go, will probably share our experience with the Women’s March, and of course, I’ve got plenty of amazing recipes waiting in the wings. Thanks for sticking with me loves!

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