Snacks for Beer

Men like beer – these are not just words, but a fact, proven by scientists! This love is laid in genes of majority of men – their receptors are not so susceptible to bitter taste. It turns out, it is useless to struggle with this habit. You just need a “right” snack and a good company for beer!

Stewed sauerkraut

– 1 kg of sauerkraut

– 100 g of dark honey

– 120 ml of dark beer

– bacon to your liking

Wash out sauerkraut, squeeze, mix with honey, pour with beer and put in an oven. Stew for 1,5-2 hours. If you wish, you may add slices of fried bacon.

The best garnish for smoked sausages and other dishes served up with beer.

Chicken wings

– 1 kg of chicken wings

– chicken broth brick (10 g)

– 100 ml of pungent chili sauce

– 20 g of soy sauce

– 50 g of vegetable oil

– 15 g of pungent ground red pepper, salt

– 5 chives of garlic (chop)

– 1 onion (cut)

1. Prepare chicken wings before cooking. Cut them in two with a keen knife, and cut off an upper part of a wing also.

2. Cook marinade: mix oil, pungent and soy sauces. Add onion and garlic to wings. Pour with marinade, salt, pepper, crumb a brick.

3. Pickle wings for no less than 8 hours, then deep-fry or bake in an oven on a strong fire. Serve with barbecue and blue-cheese sauces.
Blue cheese sauce: warm up 400 ml of cream (33% of fat), add 120 g of blue cheese, reduce fire and cook till complete dilution and of cheese and thickening.

Cheese snack for beer

For cheese balls with caraway and smoked food:

– 550 g of grated Gouda cheese

– caraway, salt to your liking

– 3 eggs and another one for liaison

– 40 g of flour and the same quantity for breading

– 300 g of smoked products, cut in small particles (pungent sausages, uncooked smoked ham, bacon)

– 120 g of bread-crumb

1. Cook balls. Mix cheese with eggs, caraway and smoked products, pour flour. Add some salt and mix in a blender.

2. Form balls of cheese mass. Pour flour, break an egg and pour breading: each one in a separate dish.

3. Roll balls firstly in flour, then dip in a broken egg, and at last roll in breading carefully.

For cheese rolls:

– 2 eggs, another one for liaison and one yolk to stick pita together

– 600 g of Gouda cheese

– 200 g of Feta cheese

– minced parsley

– thin pita

1. Cook filling for cheese rolls. Mix two kinds of cheese, add eggs and minced parsley.

2. Cut each layer of pita in 4 parts. Put filling from a long side of pita and wrap.

3. Smear an edge of a pita with beaten yolk and stick a roll up. Fry-deep balls and rolls. Serve.

Cheese balls and rolls are good for freezing. You will always have a tasty snack for beer.

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