Soyabean Curd Recipe

Every morning, I would get out of my bed and gear myself up with jogging equipment to a nearby preserved hill for a morning jog with my girlfriend. After jogging around the hill and coming down from it (which take me about 45 minutes), at this time, there’ll be a truck (mobile hawker) selling soybean curd – TooFu Fa – along the drive way up the hill.

I love the texture of smoothness of ‘TouFu Fa’ with the sweetness of palm sugar syrup. It’s delicious and light, great for breakfast or supper.

This got me thinking, how about making my own ‘TouFu Fa’? That’ll be nice. So I beg my heart out to get the below recipe from a friend who owns a Chinese restaurant.

Ingredients to prepare:

3 cups soybeans, soak for at least 6 hours.

a bunch pandan leaves

3 tbsp tapioca/corn flour

1 tbsp gymsum powder (calcium sulphate)


300g palm sugar

a bunch pandan leaves

Instruction to make ‘TouFu Fa’:

Separate soaked soybean into 3 batches, add equal amount of water and grind till fine. Squeeze out all liquid with a piece of muslin cloth into a measuring jar, mix in more water to the paste if necessary to make total 2 litters milk.

To make soybean milk, the exactly amount of water added is not so important. Put the milk in a large pot filling just about 1/3, add some pandan leaves. Remove foam when necessarily and bring to boil for just a few minutes. It tends to foam and overflow, so make sure the fire is low and you’re there watching the cooking process! The milk is not ready. (proceed to making syrup, serve hot with syrup or leave in fridge to cool)

To make soybean curd. Put starch and gypsum powder into a measuring jar and mix with a cup of water, pour in 1 1/2 litters of hot soybean milk and let stand for 10 minutes to set. set the remaining milk aside.

To make syrup, simply melt palm sugar with a little water and a bunch of pandan leaves, filter into a bowl.

To serve, simply scoop bean curd into a bowl, add a little syrup (you could add a little soybean milk in it too). Best eaten hot.

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