Sparkling Dark Chocolate Cookies

Some years I have a hard time getting into the holiday spirit but this year, I am ALL ABOUT IT. I think a lot of it is that our kids are at just the right age and everything about this time of year is utterly magical to them. Their excitement (borderline hysteria, really) is infectious! I’ve been on a holiday music bender, have been having a blast decorating, and my mind is positively overflowing with recipe ideas to share with you all for the season. If you have requests for things you would like to see posted, please let me know in the comments. I received lots of good feedback about this on Instagram for those who follow me there, but let me know if you have additional suggestions.

I’m sharing this recipe first because it would be a perfect addition to your holiday baking plans. It has so much going for it! Sparkling dark chocolate cookies – the name alone has me sold! But just in case you needed more convincing, these are very simple to make with a dough that mixes up in a flash from pantry staples only and requires no chilling, rolling or cutting. A quick roll of the dough balls in granulated sugar lends them their sparkly appearance and also is a nice textural addition to the final product. These would be a simple and beautiful addition to holiday cookie trays, cookie exchanges, etc. Or, do as I have been doing, and enjoy one at the end of each hectic day with a glass of milk and a few precious minutes of peace and quiet. They are equally lovely for that purpose. Don’t forget to practice acts of self care at this busy time of year – it is so important.


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