Steak Recipes: Try Something New Today!


Among the greatest joys of cooking steak is the pleasure of trying out new steak recipes. After all, steak is not just a meal to be gotten through, it is a meal to be enjoyed and savored. Quality beef is not meant to be shoveled into the mouth like so much cafeteria food, it is a finely crafted testament to the art of the cook who plies its ornately marbled form to bring forth a delectable construction that is truly a delight to the senses. And by mastering steak recipes, you have mastered a truly great meal.

One of the most important places to start experimenting with steak recipes is with marinades. These are usually very easy to start with and, for those new to steak recipes, it is not only safe, but very easy. By either purchasing a pre-made marinade or mixing up a new concoction on your own, all you have to do is place your steak in the marinade, let it sit for a few hours, and now you have an intriguing new flavor that can even bring out new flavors in the steak itself.

For those who are stepping up to something a little more complex, working with spices is a very good way to learn some new steak recipes. With the proper blend of spices rubbed into a steak or simply providing a nice coating to the outside, a grillmaster can bring in new flavors and turn the steak into a whole new experience. By creating a mix of spices that works with the flavor of the steak without overpowering it, your steak will be the sort of meal you not only eat, but talk about afterward.

For something a little more unusual from the list of steak recipes, chicken-fried steak has become an enjoyable alternative to the same old steak. While you probably would not use a high grade of steak for this particular recipe, it is a nice addition to the repertoire when the steak is nothing to shout about. By putting some breading and spices on an otherwise unremarkable steak and then frying it, you can get a nice little cross between fried chicken and steak. And frying the steak will loosen up a tougher steak, making an otherwise difficult piece of meat into something that can be easily handled with the teeth you were given.

There are a variety of steak recipes available and the choices are really only limited by your imagination and your willingness to research and experiment. And there are plenty of recipes floating around in magazines, cookbooks and on websites that will suit your needs and allow you to find that creation that is just right for you. Or maybe you could just stick with something simple and just throw your steak on the grill and get it to just the right level of doneness. Because when you get right down to, there are a lot of steak recipes out there, but steak is still pretty good all on its own.

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