This Travel Company Is Far From Savvy When It Comes to Cruel Elephant Rides

Take action now! @TripSavvy promotes cruel elephant rides. Urge the company to live up to its name by providing accurate information about animal-welfare issues via @PETA:

Elephants are sensitive, highly intelligent, social, and curious animals. In nature, Asian elephants spend nearly all their waking hours walking, grazing, dust-bathing, swimming, socializing with their close-knit herd members, and teaching their babies how to live safely.

When held in captivity and used for rides, they’re typically kept chained when they’re not working, tied down and beaten into submission during training, and chronically overworked—including being forced to lug tourists on their backs even when the elephants are lame, in pain, or exhausted.

Urge travel company TripSavvy to update its content with information about the significant animal-welfare issues with these activities.

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