Urge Braintree Officials to Strike Down Bowhunting Plan!

Officials in Braintree, Massachusetts, are reportedly considering allowing bowhunting in two town conservation areas. Bowhunters routinely spend hours tracking the blood trails of wounded animals, and many victims are lost, eventually succumbing unseen to their injuries. Families are torn apart, and orphaned young are left to starve. And reports of wounded deer wandering through neighborhoods with arrows protruding from their bodies or careening wildly onto busy roadways aren’t uncommon. Killing as a population-control method also backfires because the resultant spike in the food supply prompts accelerated breeding among survivors and inevitable newcomers, which causes populations to increase. PETA apprised decisionmakers of the futility, danger, and cruelty of this approach but to no apparent avail. These deer need your help now!

Portrait of a beautiful deer with autumn leaves in background

© iStock.com/Jortch R Orrantia 

Please politely ask the following Braintree officials to scrap killing for humane control methods—then, forward this alert to everyone you know! Just copy and paste these e-mail addresses into the “To” field of your e-mail browser, and be sure to state whether you’re a resident of Braintree in your correspondence:

[email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]

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