Urge State Fair Group to Drop Cruel Elephant Rides and Petting Zoo

Elephants forced to give rides, like those scheduled for @SFMeadowlands, are often beaten & prodded with sharp steel-tipped weapons. Urge State Fair Group to DROP cruel elephant rides & to leave wild animals out of @empirestatefair immediately: http://peta.vg/27×9 via @PETA

The R.W. Commerford & Sons Traveling Petting Zoo is slated to exhibit animals at the upcoming Empire State Fair in New York and State Fair Meadowlands in New Jersey. The operator—State Fair Group—is ignoring Commerford’s history of animal mistreatment and public endangerment and still plans to force wild animals to participate in close interactions with the public. Please click on the link below to urge the group to drop Commerford and prohibit wild-animal displays at all events in the future.


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