Urgent! PETA Will Rescue Stranded Animals in North Carolina

For Immediate Release:
September 20, 2018

David Perle 202-483-7382

PETA’s Rescue Team has been hard at work this week retrieving dogs, cats, and even chickens who were left behind during Hurricane Florence and trapped in pens, on porches, in fenced-in backyards, and in homes, some of them frantically swimming and on the brink of exhaustion. Now, the team needs the public’s help to find animals who are still in need of rescuing. Members of the public may contact PETA immediately if they know of any animals—their own, their friends’, their family’s, or their neighbors’—who have been left behind in evacuations around Lumberton, Elizabethtown, Pembroke, Wallace, Burgaw, or nearby areas. Detailed reports can be made to [email protected] or on Twitter to @PETA.

More details on animals rescued by PETA’s team this week, including photos and video footage, are available here.

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