What Is Clean Eating?

If you’ve overheard fellow gym-goers discussing their clean eating habits and wondered “What the heck they are they talking about?” then this is the video for you. Health’s contributing editor and registered dietician Cynthia Sass breaks down what clean eating is and how it’s different from other diets that restrict calories or eliminate certain foods.

Sass explains that clean eating is an overall approach to food that doesn’t have hard and fast rules, but rather can be a general guide to healthy eating. It’s all about whole, unprocessed, nutrient-dense foods, like fresh vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins. And when you do go for packaged foods, select ones whose ingredients you recognize, as opposed to long lists of unpronounceable ones, whose health benefits may not be as transparent.

Watch the video before your next trip to the grocery store.

Don’t have time to watch? Read the full transcript:

What is clean eating? It’s eating whole foods instead of processed foods or foods full of additives.


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