When You Feel Down & Out

When You Feel Down & Out

To say the least, the last few days have been exhausting and stressful. Not to mention, sorry guys, the lovely hormones related to being a premenstrual woman. Today I am a complete mess. My hair is frizzy and tied up in a bun, I’m as pale as the moon, I’m bloated, I’m frustrated with a lack of progress. I can’t see a way out. I can’t see any light at the end of my tunnel.

It’s pouring down rain outside, but I need my planner that’s in my car. So I make a break for it. Jump in the car and slam the door. I look down at my belly. I am disgusted by this massive, foreign thing that I tote around all day. This blob of excess skin that constantly reminds me of what I was. That taunts me everyday, that clearly shows me I’ll never look like the athlete I invisioned myself becoming. Then my thighs, dear heavens, talk about thunder thighs. And not the thick muscular ones, ones with muscles hidden beneath a layer of fat and excess skin that reminds me of cottage cheese. I think to myself, yea it’s no wonder you’re almost 30 and single. But then I try to redirect. I didn’t feel this way a few days ago. What changed, oh yea, I jumped on the scale at the doctor’s office and I was up 4 pounds.

So I do what I always do when I feel discouraged. I ask myself a few questions. How far have you come? A decent way. Are you better off than where you were? Yes. Is there room for improvement? Always.

So back to the drawing board. I place emphasis on four major components to weightloss.

1. Nutrition, first for a reason. Are you logging everything that goes in your mouth. EVERYTHING! Are you truly sticking to your meal plan? Are you eating the right food at the right time?

2. Exercise. Are you keeping to your training routine? Are you putting forth effort or just going thru the motions?

3. Sleep. Sleep is so important! Lack of sleep can make you feel hungrier and can also hinder performance. You grow while you sleep, it’s crucial for muscle recovery.

4. Supplementation. Are you taking vitamins, aminos for recovery? Are you consuming enough protein?

So as I sit here, examining myself, I have to be honest. No one said this would be easy. And as discouraged as I am today and want to toss in the white flag, I know that I can’t. I owe it to myself to suck it up, bear the uncomfortable phase and tread forward. I hope you can do the same.




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