Which is Healthier: Haas Avocados or Florida Avocados?

Some people call avocado the perfect food, but how do the two most common varieties of avocado compare, nutritionally? Let's look at Haas avocados vs. Florida avocados, side by side.

Some people call avocado the perfect food, but how do the two most common varieties of avocado compare, nutritionally? Let’s look at Haas avocados vs. Florida avocados, side by side.

I tend to gravitate toward Haas avocados, since they seem to ripen faster and I prefer how they taste. But as I passed up larger Florida avocados at the store, I started wondering about how my favorite avocado stack up when it comes to nutrition.

Below, I’m comparing 1/4 cup of pureed Haas avocado and Florida avocado. Two tablespoons of avocado puree is usually considered a serving, but what real human eats two tablespoons of guacamole? You can get that much onto one chip, if you’re determined!

Florida Avocado Nutrition

A quarter cup serving of Florida avocado puree has 69 calories and a gram of protein. It also contains 13 percent of your fiber for the day.

You get six grams of fat in that serving, but only one gram is saturated fat. Avocados are high in fat, but the fat in avocado is “good fat.” It increases your good cholesterol and reduces triglycerides.

That same quarter cup has:

  • 17 percent of your vitamin C
  • 8 percent of your vitamin E
  • 1 percent of your vitamin A
  • 5 percent of your pantothenic acid
  • 5 percent of your folate
  • 6 percent of your potassium

You probably know that we need vitamin C to be healthy, but did you know that this vitamin also protects against heart disease? Vitamin C helps lower bad cholesterol and triglycerides. Vitamin E helps improve memory and brain function, and getting your vitamin E from food is the best way to make sure you’re getting the complete form of this important antioxidant.

You need vitamin A for healthy skin and eyes, and the B-vitamin (B5), pantothenic acid, helps us convert the food we eat into energy. Vitamin B5 is also important for blood health and keeping our hormones in balance.

There’s some good evidence that folate prevents depression and supports immune health. Potassium also keeps our body in balance by helping to regulate our heartbeat, water balance and nerve impulses.

Haas Avocado Nutrition

Haas avocados have 27 more calories per quarter cup serving than Florida avocados, clocking in at 96 calories. They give you a gram of protein and 16 percent of your daily fiber.

Like Florida avocados, Haas avocados do have a lot of fat: nine grams (one saturated) per quarter cup. But also like Florida avocados, this is heart-healthy “good fat.”  That quarter cup also gives you:

  • 9 percent of your vitamin C
  • 6 percent of your vitamin E
  • 2 percent of your vitamin A
  • 8 percent of your pantothenic acid
  • 13 percent of your folate
  • 8 percent of your potassium


Florida Avocados vs. Haas Avocados

Florida avocados have 70 percent of the calories and 67 percent of the fat of Haas avocados, so if you’re watching fat and calories, Florida avocados are your best bet. Florida avocados also have almost twice the vitamin C and 33 percent more vitamin E (though it’s only a difference of two percent of the total RDA for vitamin E).

Haas avocados have twice the vitamin A (a one percent total difference) and almost three times as much folate as Florida avocados. They also give you 33 percent more potassium per serving.

Overall, the difference between these two foods doesn’t have a clear winner. Both are great sources of healthy fats, fiber, vitamins and minerals. So choose your favorite avocado, or mix it up to get the best of both!

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