Why We Are Loving Bento Box Lunches Right Now

My daughter is only 4, so we have one more year, until she goes to school. But I still have to pack her lunch to daycare every day. One of the easiest ways to make sure that it has a healthy lunch, bento box to use the Japanese style.

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Lila used the same bento box for the past three years, I like surreptitiously I use it too (this is the ultimate tool of the control). The stainless steel container is divided into quarters. When she was younger, she had eaten mostly finger food, so I put different things in each section is chopped.

Now, when it is over, there is still a division. Even if I have to pack a sandwich in a separate bag, box it still makes me put the fruits and vegetables every day. I usually add a little style ranch dip or hummus for dipping vegetables. Fruits often results in two points.

Are you ready for bento? Here are 5 tips to pack a lunch bento-style:

• Choose your container: Bento boxes come in styles for all ages. Main reusable containers for food storage work well too.

• Get creative: Sandwiches and wraps work in a bento, but do not forget less typical lunch dishes such as fried tofu, rice balls or pasta salad.

• Think colorful: bento usually contains at least five different colors filling your various fruits and vegetables.

• efficiently package: Package products in small containers to control the serving size and use reusable silicone cupcake liners or lettuce leaves to keep the products separated.

• Keep it cool: refrigerate or pack a box in an insulated lunch box with freezer pack.

Here are 4 bento -Style lunches to get you started:

Pizza Roll-Up Bento Lunch : This simple pizza inspired by winding a kid-pleaser. Make crunchy vegetables more attractive, choosing colorful varieties like orange and purple cauliflower, and do not forget to dip! Keep them smiling with a watermelon cut into fun shapes with cookie cutters.
Salmon salad Bento Lunch : watercress acts as a separator between a delicious salad with salmon and crackers. Colorful peppers and grapes add color to this bento and increase your daily servings of fruits and vegetables.
Soy-Lime Tofu & Rice Bento Lunch : tofu, rice and vegetables are the classic bento ingredients. Make extra rice for lunch and rolling residues balls for lunch. To preserve green vegetables cook bright and clear, they are for a short time and immediately soak them in a bowl with ice water. You can also use store-bought baked cubed tofu instead of fried tofu.
Egg salad Bento Lunch : This egg salad bento box lunch and a hearty snack in one person. Put salad egg salad “bowl” and enjoy a cocktail with bread and vegetables. Throw a banana and blueberries with yogurt, to keep the bananas from browning. Save the chocolate chips and pistachios for afternoon aphrodisiac.


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