You Too Can Make Delicious Pancakes With This New Free Diet Food

This Dr Seuss style article introduces okara, a by-product of soy that has been around for more than 22 centuries, yet is almost unheard of in America. This high protein, high-fiber, pulp that remains after the soymilk is extracted from soybeans, has always been little more than animal feed, but because of its low calorie content, could hold the key to America’s weight problems.

You can whip up some pancakes

That’s what you can do.

You can stew up some soup,

You can soup up some stew.

You can add it to flour

to make muffins and cake

Even scones and soufflés,

Oh the things you can make.

You can even make meat balls,

and sausage, and fish.

I could go on for pages

If that’s what you wish.

But where do you get it,

this marvelous stuff?

You make it yourself

and the stuff isn’t tough.

Just start off with soybeans,

they’re easy to get.

And soak them in water,

they love to get wet

and the longer they soak

the bigger they get.

They swell and they swell

till they’re three times the size

they were at the start,

now they’re fat little guys.

I hate what comes next,

it couldn’t be fun,

to be put in a blender

and get chopped up and spun.

and your bones turn to soymilk

before it gets done.

But then to get boiled.

What a terrible thought.

To get dumped in a pot

and that pot it gets hot.

I wouldn’t want that,

Oh no, I would not!

The milk is delicious,

but cows don’t like it a bit.

Milk can’t come from a bean

cause a bean’s not a

bit like a cow, and they’re

off in a snit.

The pulp is strained out

of the milk by the way.

And up until now

it was all thrown away,

or fed to the cows

who were happy that way.

We call it okara

when we use it to bake

those wonderful goodies

that great tasting cake

The sandwiches that

I take to the lake.

And the cows are contented

they don’t mind what we do.

‘Cause we eat the okara,

not beef, in our stew,

and they know that most soymilk

is used for tofu.

Okara is a high protein, high fiber cooking ingredient that adds a lot of extra bulk to baked goods like scones, muffins, and pancakes without extra calories, making it the ideal food for losing weight.

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